The ALCOPLANTS series is the latest project within the TWO VIEWS project of contemporary stereo photography.

It features various plants and blossoms floating in jars of alcohol. Most of the plants were collected prior to World War I and are part of the Botanische Staatssammlung in Munich. They have been sitting in these jars for over a hundred years.

Each image is a glimpse into a time capsule: into the past when nature yet had to be explored and stereo photography was highly successful within the genre.

WHITE III, Elephant Foot Yam

WHITE VIII, Southern Mistletoe
WHITE XIV, Giant Water Lily

WHITE V, Orchid Cactus

WHITE IX, Yellow Oleander

Silver Wattle I
WHITE IV, Highland Tamarind

WHITE VI, Red Angel's Trumpet

WHITE II, Mosquito Flower
WHITE VII, Gona Well

WHITE XII, Tropical Pitcher Plant

WHITE XI, Large-toothed Velvet Tree
WHITE XIII, Tulip Tree

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