The plant series reflects the transience of things and the endless cycle of life and death. Viewing the elaborate tangle of coloured, depth-mapped outlines and patterns of a rotten leaf with 3D glasses suddenly brings chaos back to order, revealing this unexpected secret beauty.

The series draws its inspiration from the striking ethereal beauty of Karl Blossfeldt’s early 20th century work, adding a new dimension to reduced graphic aesthetics of plant photography: depth. Slightly offset red-cyan coloured outlines and structures generate curiosity, but their stereoscopic secret will only be revealed with 3D glasses, allowing the observer to immerse in a new world of illusion.

The correlation between viewer and image becomes dynamic. Looking at the flat, graphically reduced image without glasses, is a more abstract and texture driven perception, while the 3D visualization allows us to feel the volume and dive into the image. Switching between two views rises to a new emotional relationship, loaded with tension, imagination and emotion.

Autumn Anemone I

Boat Orrchid


Lady's Mantle

Leaf I
Leaf III

Leaf VII


Leaf X

Plantain Lily Leaf

Old Man's Beard I
Old Man's Beard II

Old Man's Beard III

Opium Poppy


Persian Buttercup

Queen Anne's Lace and Wild Carrot

Silver Wattle I
Silver Wattle II

Starflower Pincushions


Tree Peony

Tumbleweed Onion I